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I was born to be talkative, suka amek gambar dan berhibur. Suka terbang di awan, suka berenang dalam lautan. Suka juga menjadikan pelawak sebagai penghibur hati. Tak OK...just nice!

Giveaway: Wirda Warna

Assalamualaikum and hye there! Tonight I'm so bored...So I decided for joining another giveaway especially for this Raya Day. Why special? Well, this giveaway immediately post her present to us before Hari Raya. Want is the grand prize?

The beg is cute right? Pink-color is so Miss Shh
KLIK this banner untuk join this GA too!
Want to know the rules? Here:
1. First of all , do LIKE my WirdaWarna Facebook page2. Make a simple entry about this GiveAway and dont forget to put on the banner in your entry (which provided up there) .
3. Do follow me & my blogshop WIRDAWARNA, just to make you easier with this giveaway updates .
4. Do tag at least 2 of your friends and make sure that they aware with your tag.
list their names
5. DONE ! and leave your link HERE !

How? Interest dengan GA ni? Good then why wait...tarikh tutup is just around the corner (this 25 August 2011) I tag this interesting GA kepada Adik-Ai and ShazanAdanan.

See you around again! Bye!

:86: Miss Shh


aleen aiden said...

beg tu cantek!hu3.gudlak! ^_*

kotak bulat said...

Salam, haritu ada join segmen kb kan.. tp kenapa belum buat step kedua?
kb harap kamo buat hari ni.. bukan nak memaksa tp kb da bagitau awal2, bila join perlu sedia buat step kedua. Kb taknak segmen ni jadi tak adil.ok? nti kb dtg check lagi.

step 2 kat sini :