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I was born to be talkative, suka amek gambar dan berhibur. Suka terbang di awan, suka berenang dalam lautan. Suka juga menjadikan pelawak sebagai penghibur hati. Tak OK...just nice!

TS Got Nothin' Meh?

After celebrating my birthday and getting my final sem result, I and my sis (the forth one) go shopping at Times Square at the middle of the KL. Well, before this we have bought our new cloths but yeah right...women... still not enough. I want to buy more. So we decide to go to Times Square today in the afternoon. Round and round, we found some of the additional to our already have cloths. But unfortunately, I've already round the Times Square every inch of the shops there, and level up-down there...got nothin' on lol! Means...shoes that I and my sis want, not there, and yup, not here too. God, really make us tired. Puasa pulak tu. Grr...sabar ajelah.

After that, we decided to come back home. I don't know...maybe there lots of shoes, but just not our taste. (Lagipun tak biasa beli high heels, mana nak cocok) It's okaylah, taknak habiskan duit mummy. If not, kesian mummy. Sorry! Peace!

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