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I was born to be talkative, suka amek gambar dan berhibur. Suka terbang di awan, suka berenang dalam lautan. Suka juga menjadikan pelawak sebagai penghibur hati. Tak OK...just nice!

Korea vs. Lawak

Which one the best for me huh? Because I keep watching both of them. But I still can't differentiate which one I really love to watch (can say I'm fanatic with that). Which one lol?
Sorry, Assalamualaikum! I'm kind of confuse here with my own interest (Hey, no one said you can't watch both!). Yeah, okay. Actually I just want to know which one I really interest with...that's all. Here I want to list the different/same between Korea and Lawak (Even though right now I gila-gila searching for lawak, Korea not forgot lol).

First, I start with Korea...

This Korean flag show how much I love their things (is it?). Okay, I want to straight forward talk about Korean. What I really interest with Korea is about their celebrities which really (grr...can't take my eyes over them). I love the way they sing the song, dance, act in drama and their cute/smart/totally awesome fashion style! Really! Mostly I search is Super Junior. Kyaa~ Saranghaeyo! I can't deny that I know lots of Korean words and can talk in their language, also write most of their words. Seriously! (Kenapa, tak percaya ke?) 

The first history I made when I'm starting to be crazy about Korea, when I was 14 or 15 years old. I open my Friendster account and suddenly someone add me with TVXQ picture. I look carefully, and wow~ Changmin really attract me! Handsome gila! At that time, I only know searching picture, and their biodata only. Then suddenly I search at my MySpace account to look of this Korean group. Then I met with Super Junior, which my eyes catch to look at Donghae. Grr~ If you guys do not believe, it's okay. I believe myself! Hehe...

After that, I know about Youtube. Then searching for them. Then I know lots of Korean celebrities. They are so bling-bling my eyes. I love to watch their drama, but sometimes I quit-half-way because the plot is so boring. Right now, I can't wait for Donghae new drama 'Hedgehog and Miss Panda'. :D

Second is Lawak...

I starting to love watching lawak since Maharaja Lawak. Then I know kumpulan Sepah, which Mohd Nadzri Zainal Abidin a.k.a Jep Sepah the one make my heart bergoncang. Fall in love with him lol! After that show, I also starting to search about them at Google, Youtube, and bla2. (Macam-macam ada!) Lots of their drama, telemovie, lagu-lagu semua I hafal. Not only that, even though drama tu dah tengok...right now, Astro tayangkan semula but in 3 o'clock in the morning. Sanggup, bangun, bukak tv...watch them again. OMG! I feel like if they are in front of my eyes, mesti nak tergelak and snap lots of photo with them. Grr~

Right now, Karoot Komedia X menjadi kegemaran. This show really Boom! Plus ada Jep Sepah! He is so handsome, cute and gila-gila lawak! Any song that he sing in the drama ke, apa ke, I will search and find out the song and sing along together. Hehe...
Then now I know the conclusion, which one is my favorite! Either Korea vs. Lawak. The conclusion is...
For Korea, I love Lee Donghae (Super Junior main cute guy) 
For Lawak, I love Mohd Nadzri Zainal Abidin a.k.a Jep Sepahtu (the lawak boy yang sentiasa menghibur hati)
The End for my problem~

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