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I was born to be talkative, suka amek gambar dan berhibur. Suka terbang di awan, suka berenang dalam lautan. Suka juga menjadikan pelawak sebagai penghibur hati. Tak OK...just nice!

Selamat Hari Raya drpd Super Junior

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone! Today, I'm so tired melayan telatah my parents and driving for about half the day lol. First of all, I and my mom go to salon 'make her hair' like Rihanna 'Umbrella'. Then we go to Giant which actually Spectrum at Bandar Baru. I really want to find out if there any CDs/DVDs that I wanted to buy. And yes, I bought 2 DVDs - Korean Film (of course!). Then I realize Super Junior new album 'Sexy,Free & Single'...but (tertelan air liur) RM119 if I'm not mistaken (Grr...mahal tu! Yeah, memang mahal bagi orang yang tak bergaji like me!). Seriously, I've thought if I got my first payment for any job after this, I want to go to that shop and buy that album. Well, before this I just bought 1 of their concert CDs. After this, I want to collect for my personal hobbies (all of their albums). 

Then we go to Carrefour Ampang for berbuka because traffic jam (yelah sangat!). Mom bought tikar, plus some barang dapur. So heavy, but I alone carry it to the car and again go upstair to wait for berbuka. So bersabar! It's okay, suddenly gila ramai at the food court. My mom only bought milo and we get inside Carrefour and eat there. Well, I've ate spaghetti for berbuka (sad face). Takpelah, tahan nafsu. Bagus! After that, I've been to the ABC Book Store and yeah! e-Pop Malay version is out! Plus Sampul duit raya Super Junior! Assa!

ePop keluaran terbaru (Sexy,Free & Single as cover)
Extra Free: Sampul duit raya Super Junior (hehe...wondering nak bagi orang ke taknak)
DVDs: Hearty Paws 2 & Blind (kena tengok time aku sorang aje kat depan tv...hahaha)
Box for my privacy & personal things (kotak ajaibku)
Shopping for today is my happiest moment, but when parents bertekak is my worst moment! Sorry!

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